Welcome to Collectors Research Limited (CRL)

Numismatics, as far as CRL was concerned, wasn't about coin collecting as an investment. For us, coin collecting was about discovery. We believe that every coin has a story a tell, and a bit of history to pass on. CRL was one way to share our passion with others.

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Every month (more or less) we came out with "want lists" that were introduced by a blurb giving some tidbit about coins or whatever touched our fancy.

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Over the years we published number of monographs on different topics, including Fun to Collect Foreign Coins, and Currency of Iraq.

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Unfinished Manuscripts

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We were working on a number of monographs that were never quite finished: Mintmarks, Numismatica Encyclopedia. They aren't available yet but we hope to get them up in time.


Collectors' Research - Who Were We?


Collectors' Research was a numismatic firm, based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), that operated from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. We specialized in minor foreign coins, sold worldwide, and wrote monographs and books on a variety of numismatic topics.

We started out as a family hobby and later as a business. In 1959, Kenneth and Esther Gaver partnered with a good friend, Bill Rawlings, to turn their coin collecting hobby into a small business geared to small-time collectors. The business was Collectors' Research Registered. Kenneth and Esther also partnered with another good friend, Max Yax, to form a wholesale company called Montreal Hobby Sales.

In 1962, Kenneth and Esther bought out their partners to form Collectors' Research Limited, and expanded. All good things come to an end, however, and after my father's death in 1967 and a series of postal strikes that really hurt our small mail-order business, we closed our "doors" in the mid-1970s.

But our stories live on. We've found some of our articles re-printed on the web, so I decided to create a site where we could re-publish our material (both finished and incomplete monographs). Remember, hobbies are supposed to be fun.

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