Collectors Research Limited

CRL was a numismatic firm, based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), that operated from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. We specialized in minor foreign coins, sold worldwide, and wrote monographs and books on a variety of numismatic topics.


We at CRL were passionate not just about coin collecting but also about getting people to love coin collecting as much as we did. One of our main dreams was to publish as much as we could to help introduce coin collecting to "newbies" and to provide however much information we could to the collector.

Here, we present a list of our publications with links to their webpage and (eventually) to the PDF versions. It will take time to get everything uploaded.

You are welcome to download the files but please attribute them to Collectors' Research!

Illustrated Guide to Chinese Cash Pieces of the Manchu Mints, A.D. 1662-1796         HTML         PDF    
A Coin is a Piece of Metal         HTML         PDF    
Coinage of Ancient Greece         HTML         PDF    
Currency of Iraq         HTML         PDF    
Fish 'n Ships         HTML         PDF    
Fun to Collect Coins         HTML         PDF    
Mintmarks         HTML         PDF    
Miscellany         HTML         PDF    
Numis. Encyclopedia         HTML         PDF