Collectors Research Limited

CRL was a numismatic firm, based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), that operated from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. We specialized in minor foreign coins, sold worldwide, and wrote monographs and books on a variety of numismatic topics.

Our Story

Two and Five - Back Again to One

The Gaver plan worked. CRL expanded and hired more staff: Wayne Jacobs from New Brunswick; and John and Margaret Humphris (they were married after starting to work for us) from England.

The Gaver children took a more active role: Ken Jr., Marge (who ran her own numismatic company for a while), and Cheryl (that's me). Ken and Marge eventually left when they went off to university but I began doing administrative tasks, identifying and even grading coins, and the odd writing bit.

Writing became the next major CRL activity: It's Fun to Collect Foreign Coins; Fish 'n Ships; The Currency of Iraq; our monthly ads; and the start of an encyclopedia on mint marks. We even bought our own printing press so we could publish our works. At one time, we had the complete collection of German coins: every state, year, denomination, and mintmark. We had a comparable complete set of Chinese coins. Unfortunately the collection was broken up and sold at auction.

Winding Down

In 1967, Kenneth Gaver died. We were a mail-order company operating out of our basement, and Canada entered a period of postal strikes that continued for several years. Despite our best efforts, we could not survive when we could get our ads out only once or twice a year and when it took months to get orders, fill them, and get paid. The record was held by one customer from Europe who sent us his payment in the early 1970s - we received it in 1978 after we had already moved to Ontario. Somehow, the money order, mailed from Europe came to Ontario by way of South America ...It looks like Canada Post wasn't the only postal service having difficulties!

We had to let go our staff. John and Margaret ended up in Ohio, working for a while for Coin World; John has also written articles for World Coins and various numismatic societies. John continues to research coins and learn new languages (by osmosis, it seems). Wayne returned to New Brunswick. CRL was back down to two people: Esther and Cheryl Gaver. Its days were numbered. Eventually, we sold our home in the Montreal area, moved our coins to a friends' home (they never volunteered to help us again after moving 2-1/2 tons of coins!), and contacted auctioneers. It took several auctions in Canada and the U.S. before those coins were gone. CRL was closed for business.

However, once a numismatist, always a numismatist.

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