Collectors Research Limited

CRL was a numismatic firm, based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), that operated from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. We specialized in minor foreign coins, sold worldwide, and wrote monographs and books on a variety of numismatic topics.

About CRL

Read our story - who we were, how we started and expanded our business, and howw our business ended.

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Kenneth Gaver was a research who inspired all of us working at CRL to also become researchers. I have found a number of tracts, including the beginnings of a Numismatica Encyclopedia, that were presented as talks or were intended at some point to be published.

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Monthly Ads

In our heyday we sent monthly ads (often, twice a month). Each ad contained a tip about coin collecting, some item of interest or social comment (often non-flattering remarks about bureaucracy!) along with a list of coins we were offering that month. The lists are not available but the stories are.

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We published a number of booklets on coins. We're happy to share them with you.

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